Expert Guidance

The CloudCompass consulting team is comprised of experts in legal and compliance for cloud technology like Microsoft 365, to ensure you’re maximizing your technology investments while minimizing costs and risks associated with digital transformation. In addition to the timely R2 Report, you’ll receive industry-leading support tailored to your ediscovery program.

Annual Health Check

The Annual Health Check is a thorough review of your current ediscovery and compliance processes within your cloud platform to ensure you’re adhering to best practices. Conducted through a series of use cases, a review of current configurations, and a series of questions, we evaluate your current workflows for preservation, collection, search, review, and export activities. The resulting summary report enables you to identify and resolve issues within your current operating model, or validate current processes that adhere to emerging industry standards.

Frontline Workshop

Our Frontline Workshop is a two-day, fully remote, interactive workshop, delivered to review recent cloud platform updates, trending topics, and best practices for ediscovery and compliance in the cloud. These sessions are focused on ensuring your stakeholders have a clear understanding of the latest features impacting legal and compliance in order to continue optimizing programs for ediscovery.

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